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We're proud of the work our physicians, clinicians, nurses and staff do both within our community and beyond. Learn more about how Emerson employees are helping others outside of the walls of our hospital and health centers.


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Walter Birge gives to Emerson in many ways

The generosity of our community plays a huge part in allowing us to provide such a high level of care to our patients. In the words of Walter Birge, “When you support Emerson, you contribute to the good of the entire community.” Read More


Climbing the mountain: For Pepperell woman, a year of rehab leads to triumph

After a hiking accident did severe damage to her leg, Carol faced a long, difficult path to recovery. But her hard work during a year of rehab at Emerson’s Center for Rehabilitative and Sports Therapies in Westford and Concord saw her go from a wheelchair to the top of a mountain. Read More


Hip replacement returns Boxborough resident to active life

Roger Meyer has always been active, but as he entered his 70s he began to lose speed on the tennis court. This brought him to the office of John McInnis, MD, an orthopedic surgeon at Emerson. Thanks to minimally-invasive surgical techniques and new approaches to pain management, Meyer was back on the court just a few months after hip replacement surgery. Read More


In my own voice: Benefiting from minimally invasive gynecologic surgery

Dr. Megan Loring has brought a new specialty service to Emerson – minimally invasive gynecologic surgery. In her own words, one of Dr. Loring’s patients explains how a simple hysterectomy helped her energy levels return to normal, getting her back on her feet and hiking again. Read More


Spine surgery benefits from an upgrade

Although the physicians at the Emerson Spine Program emphasize conservative treatment, sometimes surgery is necessary. Dr. Robert Whitmore explains how recent additions of advanced technology have increased our capability to operate with smaller and minimally-invasive incisions while maintaining a high degree of safety.  Read More


Get to Know: Gregory Gardner, DO

Anesthesiologist Gregory Gardner, DO, explains how Emerson’s high-tech tools and caring staff help put patients’ minds at ease before surgery. Read More


No longer defined by pain: Emerson Spine Program gets to the source

For close to two years, Jennifer Sotomayor’s headaches prevented her from working, sleeping, and doing much of anything. Thanks to a thorough evaluation by the Emerson Spine Program followed by successful treatment, the Billerica resident says life is good again.  Read More


Cantu Concussion Center has unique combination of equipment for treating head trauma

At Emerson's Dr. Robert C. Cantu Concussion Center, a thorough evaluation is just the start of a patient's journey to recovery from head trauma. Along the way they'll work with experienced staff and state-of-the-art technology that's designed to accelerate the healing process. Read More


When healing is a challenge the Emerson Center for Advanced Wound Care has the expertise

We expect our bodies to heal, because they usually do. When they don’t heal success¬fully, the Emerson Center for Advanced Wound Care offers a range of treatments, from the most basic to the most high-tech.  Read More


Emerson's community benefits program features new offerings

Emerson Hospital opened its doors more than 105 years ago with the humble goal of providing basic care to area residents. Emerson's commitment to its community continues to this day. Here is an overview of recent findings, familiar programs and new offerings. Read More


The right time for bariatric surgery

A father and daughter seeking to take a significant step toward their weight loss goals find support — and success — at Emerson Hospital's Center for Weight Loss. Read More


The doctor is in: Skin cancer and tanning dangers for teens and young adults

Ira Skolnik, MD, PhD, dermatologist, shares insights on skin cancer and the health risk associated with tanning booths, specifically for teens and young adults. Read More


Get to Know: Eileen Deignan, MD

After growing up in Concord, it was a formative experience as a medical student in Alaska that eventually put Eileen Deignan, MD, on the path to joining Dermatology Associates of Concord in 1999. Dr. Deignan recently was voted onto the Emerson Hospital Board of Directors and is the treasurer of the hospital's medical staff. Read More


Get to Know: Michael Fattal, MD

Michael Fattal, MD, an otolaryngologist who is fellowship-trained in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, says that his Mass. Eye and Ear, Concord practice offers him the best of both worlds: an academic affiliation while providing the full range of ear, nose and throat services to the community. Read More


Back to the birthing center — this time, with twins!

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In my own voice: Tackling heart disease and diabetes

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Breast Cancer Conferences bring all the expertise together

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The doctor is in: Why teenagers aren't getting enough sleep

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Restless legs syndrome: Common and treatable

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On the road with the Boston Symphony Orchestra

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Wrapping up my first medical mission

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A life-changing experience with the Global Smile Foundation

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Spreading Smiles in El Salvador

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