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Westford Health Center

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  • TTY: 1-800-439-0183

Medical Services

  • Bone Density
  • 978-287-3003

  • Center for Sports Rehabilitation & Specialty Services
    T: 978-589-6850

  • CT Scan
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  • Laboratory
    T: 978-589-6809

  • Mammography Scheduling
    T: 978-287-8107

  • MRI
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  • Ultrasound
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  • X-Ray
    T: 978-589-6800

Community Connection

We are committed to being a resource for the community, working in and outside of the hospital to keep our neighbors and friends healthy with a variety of programs and services. In addition, the Westford Health Center offers numerous classes and sponsors various wellness and health-related community events throughout the year. These are just some of the strong, community-based organizations we have supported through the years:    

Westford Board of Health

We work closely with the Westford Board of Health Department to provide free health screenings for community residents.  

Westford Academy

Since 1998, Emerson has provided financial support and leadership for the annual Emerson Hospital Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS). Data from this survey is used to develop appropriate curricula to teach students a safe, healthy way of life at Westford Academy and beyond.

Friends of East Boston Neighborhood Camps

By teaming up with the Westford Friends of East Boston Camps, we are able to provide camping, environmental and recreational programs for area residents, particularly underprivileged and inner-city youth.

Sustainable Westford 

We are proud to financially support and partner with Sustainable Westford, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the economic and environmental

sustainability of Westford. Through a variety of educational programs, we are able to directly connect people to their local ecosystems and teach the importance of treating our land with respect.

Westford Against Substance Abuse 

As an advocate of healthy lifestyles, it was important for us to join forces with Westford Against Substance Abuse. We work together to ensure our community has programs in place to help prevent and treat all forms of substance abuse.

Westford Parent Connection 

We believe supporting parents also supports kids and the family as a whole. We work closely with the Westford Parent Connection to offer a variety of parent enrichment programs, speaker events and educational workshops throughout the school year.

Friends of the Cameron Senior Center

Living healthier means living longer, so it is no wonder Emerson is happy to be a presenting sponsor for the Cameron Senior Center’s annual luncheon, celebrating those who have attained the age of 90 and beyond.