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Clough Birthing Center

  • T: 1-978-287-3310
  • Find a physician 24/7:
  • TTY: 1-800-439-0183

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Amenities – We want you to be as comfortable as possible during your stay at the Clough Birthing Center. Therefore, we offer a number of amenities and services to aid your recovery and make those first days with your new baby enjoyable and relaxing.

  • Free reiki sessions for newborns, new moms and immediate family members (partners and siblings). Reiki promotes relaxation, relieves stress and promotes self healing. In addition, we also offer free hand massages for new moms. Emerson is one of the few hospitals in the Boston area offering these services.
  • Our dessert cart visits the post-partum floor each afternoon! The free, handmade cupcakes, tortes, brownies, and other pastries are a huge hit for everyone, especially new moms, partners, grandparents and older siblings.
  • Visits with a therapy and comfort dog are available to our patients throughout the hospital, including new moms on our post-partum floor who may be missing a furry friend from home.